The MedCare Vaccine Center officially operate from June 1st, 2018, based on The MedCare Hai Phong clinic’s vaccination and vaccine consulting ward, located on the 4th floor, DK Building No. 2 Lot 22A Le Hong Phong, Dong Khe Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong.

At The MedCare Vaccine Center, we provide the examination, consultant, and vaccination and provide 1-year, 2-year vaccine packages with many kinds of necessary vaccines for the baby from birth to adulthood, including:


Register for pre-vaccination consulting at the reception counter

The doctor keeps track of the vaccination appointment in the vaccine notebook to appoint the injection or advise to choose the type of vaccine that the child needs to be vaccinated following the age and epidemic status.

The doctor pre-exams the child to assess the condition and make sure the child is eligible for vaccination

Injection vaccines according to established professional procedures

Children stay at the center for 30 minutes after the injection to be monitored, avoid side effects

Parents listen to instructions and get back the vaccine box outer shell after injection

Children will be monitored at home and will be taken care of by The Medcare staff after the injection by phone 


The vaccine area is separate with examine area, sterile, ensure no infection Genuine imported vaccines, with the origin and full related documents

Europian standard imported storage equipment, ensuring the quality of vaccine in specific temperature and can maintain in 48 hours after losing power

The baby will be pre-examined and monitored after injection to ensure healthy and safe

Parents will be advised on vaccines and reminded of the following vaccine schedule according to the doctor’s appointment.

Vaccine on all days  (From 8 A.M to 11.30 A.M and From 1.30 P.M to 4 P.M), making it easier to arrange the time instead of waiting for a monthly schedule at the ward medical center.