Periodic check-up package for children from 0-18 years

Parents always need to be vigilant!

The environment gets more and more pollution, food contains harmful chemicals, pathogens are sophisticated and dangerous…, those are risks that can directly affect the baby and cause uncontrol diseases. 

Some diseases immediately have symptoms and are easily recognized, but there are diseases that also attack the baby in silence. That’s why the baby needs to have periodic check-ups even they are still looked normal so that parents always make sure that the baby is healthy, or early detect abnormalities. 

Periodic check-up has a very important meaning, it will help parents assess the growth rate of both physical and mental in each timeline, so parents can determine the most suitable direction of care and nurture

Specially designed by age with the general examination, The MedCare clinic’s General check-up packages for children from 0 to 18 years old always attract the attention of many parents because of useful and cost-effective

When parents chose The MedCare clinic’s General check-up package, parents will be able to answer the following questions:

Through the measurement of height, weight, and BMI, the doctor will assess if the baby is underweight, stunted, malnourished, overweight, or obese.

Through the assessment of clinical manifestations and reflexes, the doctor will assess the baby’s motor, cognitive, and brain development speed, early detect symptoms of developmental delay or related to mental diseases such as autism, hyperactivity, emotional behavioral disorders, etc.

Based on the results of ultrasound, test, X-ray, the doctor will give the general assessment of the baby’s health condition and detect abnormalities such as birth defects, substance deficiency, rickets, and other diseases…

Based on the vaccine notebook, the doctor will advise the mother on missing vaccines and vaccination schedules to immunize and increase the effectiveness of the disease prevention for the baby.

From the conclusions. the doctor will advise parents on how to take care of the baby so that they can grow up in health, improve current health issues, or orient to a specialist if the baby has any abnormalities.




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