Adult test packages

In adulthood, especially middle-aged and older, the human body has to face a lot of changes and tends to age more and more. High risk of blood, heart, liver, kidney, hormone, genital diseases even cancer, but it isn’t always easily recognized through signs. It gets more serious when Vietnamese don’t have the habit of periodic check-ups, leading to diseases that are always detected at a late stage, making it difficult to treat

To contribute to changing community habits and awarding the importance of periodic check-ups, The MedCare designed 2 Specific adult test packages, including:  

Why should you choose The MedCare clinic’s Adult test packages?

Online consultation, easy registration at the clinic or by phone, zalo,facebook

Free blood collection at home within 10km, you don’t have to come to the laboratory

Up to 40% savings compared to separate tests

Test lists are suitably designed for each age and risks of adult diseases

 General test packages help to detect abnormalities and signs related to 12 common diseases, including blood diseases, diabetes, lipid blood, gout, liver function, hepatitis screening, kidney function, thyroid, urinary, iron deficiency, electrolytes, and sex hormones.

Screening cancer test packages help to detect signs which are caused by cancer, find abnormalities and the risk of more than 10 kinds of common cancer, from that to advise the specific examination.

The test results at The Medcare clinic are all calibrated and certified by Hanoi Medical University – the only unit in the North that is recognized by the government for laboratory calibration, ensuring high accuracy.

Online results are sent directly to the registered customer’s address